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January 27, 2019

It has been a very long time since I did any kind of regular writing / blogging. I won’t promise this is a turning-point, because I don’t know for sure yet. But I am going to try something new.


I have been mulling over how to organize all the things I’d like to publish into the wide Internet; my former blog covered so many disparate topics that I’m sure as a whole it was not of interest to anyone except my family.

But I wasn’t really happy with support in tools like Wordpress and similar platforms to organize content into distinct areas of interest (Planes of Existence?), so I have been hemming and hawing on how to solve the problem.

For way too long.

I’ve kinda settled on the idea that a static-blog-generator is the only way to solve it, and to leave myself as much flexibility as possible I’ve chosen GatsbyJS. Partially because its star is rising, partially because it’s JavaScript based which is where my professional life is currently living anyway.

Starting Point

For now, I’m going to focus on writing some posts on the personal-blog portion of my portal, but I’m hoping I can flesh out the other sub-sites in the coming months as I learn how to wield Gatsby.

Call it a resolution.

I will try not to let you, and myself, down.

Jerry van Leeuwen

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